Sportcash One Partners with FanApps ahead of Marketplace Launch

2 min readApr 21, 2022

Sportcash One and FanApps are committed to maximizing value, exposure, and emerging tech to the sports industry. Sharing Sportcash One’s Marketplace across the FanApps ecosystem while simultaneously onboarding FanApp clients, teams, and athletes to mint NFTs directly leveraging Sportcash One’s customization royalty feature is a win-win-win for clients, FanApps, and Sportcash One.

In addition to partnering with FanApps, Sportcash One is now onboarding their clients to sell NFTs, including, European North Basketball, League, Select Professional Basketball Players, and soon to be announced Sports Clubs in the Latvian ecosystem.

Team Photos Available for NFTs

Potential for future collaborations include the use-case of athletes, clubs, brands, fans, and entertainers to monetize In-Game moments via NFTs. Again, FanApps is a natural fit as they provide expertise and real-time access to digital content to be minted as NFTs.

Live NFT In-Game Auction Moments

Anrijs Brencans CEO of FanApps, and Senior Advisor in several key leagues, clubs, and companies throughout Europe has been instrumental in the collaboration and is a key driver of our collaboration moving forward. Onwards!

Prototype for In-Game NFT Auctions




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