Sportcash One Announces Partnership with Automotive Industries

Hype Sports Accelerator Announces Automotive Industries Partnership with Sportcash One

Sportcash One approached hyper-speed in the past week and a half. The 1st and 2nd rounds of our IEO sold out in less than 72 hours. We were selected by the Hype Sports Accelerator to build custom products for Automotive Industries, and announced Jay Bothroyd, former Premier League and English International, as part of our social network, and will be revealing an additional strategic partnership announcement tomorrow.. Onwards!

A reminder, due to the rapid pace of our IEO — we’ve decided to start round 3 earlier than previously scheduled — it went live as of Tuesday, April 13 at 8am CET. Check the progress and purchase your SCOneX here.

Thanks to the exploding growth of our Sportcash One Community we’re now in the driver seat to create our 1st brand specific tokenized product with the historic Automotive Industries.

Customized crypto products created for Automotive Industries by Sportcash One

Automotive Industries blend tradition via their +100 year-old circulated magazine with 21st century digital innovation. Sound familiar? The nostalgia of traditional magazine print meeting present day tech and distribution practically screams NFTs. Sportcash One offers a number of disruptive blockchain and crypto offerings to help Automotive Industries capitalize on the nostalgia of their brand while providing the latest tech solutions. It’s an honor to be chosen by Automotive Industries after competing in the Hype Accelerator with 1000s of other start-up solutions for the sporting industry.

A complete listing of our pitch to Hype Accelerator and our product offerings can be found here:

Customized Packages Available

We’re eager to continue serving the sporting industry and will continue to update this story with the latest developments as they unfold. Check back with this page for updates regarding our ongoing relationship with Automotive Industries and watch this space for an additional announcement. Until next time!

Sportcash One is a full-suite tech stach for blockchain and crypto within the sporting industry.