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SCOneX Token

Introducing the Sportcash One DEX or Decentralized Exchange. The first of its kind DEX specific to the sporting industry. Bring your sporting knowledge, expertise, and passion to profit from your unique market insights.

The financialization and commodification of everything wave has crashed into the sporting industry. Sportcash One now offers the capacity to tokenize your favorite athletes, teams, clubs, brands, and entities within the sporting ecosystem. Buy, sell, and trade the sporting entities you know and love while earning a profit. The power to profit rests with a few of your simple key strokes on our innovative and easy to use DEX. HODL your favorite player’s tokens as collectibles and trade for future value. Leverage your unique knowledge of promising young talents before they’re well known. Buy their tokens early and profit as they continue to explode on the international stage.

Sportcash One’s DEX

Create a wallet and gain access to crypto trading pairs on our DEX. Begin trading and earning today. Profit from your sporting knowledge and take the fun, joy, and gamification of sports into the world of crypto trading! Your passion, your fandom, and your joy coupled with our DEX, Wallet, and DeFi products allow you to monetize your uniqueness and authenticity.

Use our custom Sportcash One wallet to safely and securely store your assets.

Sportcash One Wallet

With the announcement of our DEX and its continuously improved functionality, we’re excited to (slightly) reveal a few exciting upcoming partnerships. From premier league stars, to world champion boxers, we’re beginning to tokenize the leading brands, and athletes in sport. We’re optimistic we’ll soon reveal the first publicly traded sporting tokens via our already available SCOneX token on our DEX, ProBit’s Exchange, and the Waves Association Exchange.

Decentralized on-chain transactions are the future. Front run financial and elite institutions by creating your account, and getting access to crypto, blockchain, and DeFi products before legacy players. You’ll be ahead of the curve, and enjoy the results that come from your early adoption. We couldn’t be more excited to bring you our DEX and will continue to grow with your adoption and the increased tokenization of sporting entities to come. The future is bright and today is an exciting day in the Sportcash One evolution!

Sportcash One is a full-suite tech stach for blockchain and crypto within the sporting industry.