Sportcash One — DeFi for the Sports Industry

How is the DeFi movement impacting the sporting landscape?

Blockchains and Decentralized Finance disrupt and improve the following sports industry verticals:

1) Authenticity & Data: Blockchain’s unique identifying capacity gives users crucial actionable information to make informed decisions.

2) Alignment of incentives and the introduction of rewards provide retained value for partnership relationships while simultaneously maximizing value and interest for fans via engagement.

3) Digitally verify everything from sporting memorabilia to licenses, and badges.

4) NFTs — NFT post,

5) A 100x more meritocratic system than currently exists whereby markets are created and governed by decentralized democratically curated tastes rather than centralized “authorities” or “third-parties.”

6) Provide athletes funding options for training, and expenses while providing investors claims to future earnings.

7) Tokenization provides increased liquidity and provides fans ownership stakes in club governance.

Unique Identifiers:

Blockchain provides reward based solutions to allow fans to achieve clout and social status by pure virtue of engaging and indulging their organic nature. Additionally, the immutability of the ledger provides authenticity while simultaneously providing data about users.


In addition the to the points discussed in our previous NFT post, NFTs also offer an incredible solution to loss of ticketing revenue in secondary markets. Similarly, the same smart contract functionality which makes collectible NFTs valuable, also applies to ticketing capacity and additional privileges built into the sale and purchase of specific tickets for events. In fact, long-term ticketing similar to subscription models with built in privileges may very well be the default method of experience-based businesses moving forward.

Gaming and Esports

Crypto and the Esports consumers are a near perfect fit as the digital economies of video games is rapidly mapping onto relevant financial products. Take tokenized digital assets for example, in-game transactions and economies already exist, the implementation of crypto provides financialized rewards for engagement and activity within the digital gaming experience. Users are financially rewarded for their contributions while playing, and developers, creators, and providers realize returns for their products.

Atomized Talent — Atomized Value Retention

Blockchains accurately distribute risk, and investment via fans of an organization. For example local teams, local clubs, and local athletes may generate personalized, automated, smart contracts which allow athletes to raise money, fans to personally invest in their passion, and communities to retain the financial rewards realized by their champion athletes.


Furthermore, tokenization at the team or club level allows fans, and communities shared ownership of community events which drive engagement, connection, and shared interests. Tokenization provides ownership with additional fundraising funnels while simultaneously aligning visions and missions with the life-blood of their business; their fans. Additionally, the tradability and liquidity of tokens incentivizes, clubs, fans, and players, to act in accordance for maximum valuation of the tokens they hold. Healthy competition on the field bolstered by healthy financialized tokenization off the field drives ownership and sport club engagement to new levels. Importantly, the democratization of access to tokens provides every member of the ecosystem with the capacity to capitalize on the financial upside of sporting asset appreciation.

Sportcash One is a full-suite tech stach for blockchain and crypto within the sporting industry.