Sportcash One Burns 1 Million SCOneX Tokens

In continuing with our white paper’s promises and the road map for our users, Sportcash One has initiated our SCOneX token burn.

It is imperative for Sportcash One to reward our initial token holders by burning 1,000,000 tokens each month for the next 12 months for a total of 12,000,000 SCOneX tokens to be burned.

We are nothing without our community, and as a ‘community focused’ utility token, SCOneX, continues to emphasize utility, scarcity, and accretive value to our initial token holders, while providing incentives for new token holders. HODL’ing SCOneX is a valuable strategy for a utility token on the rise, and our token economics reflect our commitment to providing value to our users.

Our commitment to providing transparency with our token economics, roadmap, and future plans for development continue to be of paramount importance. We’ll continue to publish, and provide links to all token burns.

As promised a record 1,000,000 SCOneX has been successfully burned, equivalent to $45,314 (USD) worth of tokens.

View the Waves Explorer transaction below or click here.

0.001, Yes you read that correctly. 0.001 WAVES is the fee for burning 1,000,000 SCOneX. The emergence of NFTs, the speed, and cheap transactions on the WAVES blockchain continue to demonstrate the utility of the WAVES blockchain and the exclusive SCOneX token running on it’s nodes. Watch this space.

Learn more about Sportcash One and visit our website




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