SCOneX Tokens Transaction Burning

Token Burning Initiated

As we march forward with the release of new Sportcash One products, a key protocol extension is the introduction of SCOneX tokens burning where we will burn every SCOneX transaction fee in the network. In addition, the network transaction fees and smart contract fees are also burned, removing these SCOneX perpetually out of circulation.

The new burning protocol begins 30-July. We will burn all the sponsorship transaction fees in our Wallet and DEX and in the Waves exchange. When users pay with SCOneX for a transaction, we will burn all the transaction fees at the end of every month.

This is our initial burning program from Sportcash One and we will initiate additional burning program for the SCOneX tokens in the future. Burning Tokens decreases the circulation supply of our main asset and increases value for our token holders.

Visit Sportcash One’s official web site to learn more:

Trade SCOneX Tokens on Probit Exchange:

Trade SCOneX Tokens on Sportcash One DEX:

NEW listing on Bitmart exchange from day 15 July



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