SCOneX Token — Tokenization as Monetization for the Creator Economy

The internet affords creators of all stripes — specifically for our purposes athletes — global reach and novel ways to monetize their talents and creative output. Community and organic endorsements provide a strong foundation to build and grow. Progress is not linear, and compounding community in a digital world drives immense value to each endorser of the community.

Tokenization and crypto as an asset class provide the framework whereby the members of the community as well as the creator (An athlete in this context) financially capitalize and realize the distributed value of their work. The flywheel nature of organic audience engagement, natural referral, and the word-of-mouth spread of quality desired content is powerful. Crypto and tokens such as the SCOneX token provide the novel payment infrastructure to allow creators and consumers to exchange value peer-to-peer.

As athletes seek visibility in an increasingly competitive world, access to crypto capital, and fan engagement not only unlocks greater opportunities for athletes who previously struggled to find access to traditional zero-sum hubs of opportunity, yet crypto capital more importantly expands the total opportunity set available for all athletes. For example, traditional team sports are zero-sum games across a variety of domains. Players compete with players for a limited number of spots, teams compete against other teams for points, championships, and rewards, and teams, players, and leagues compete for media and ad spend dollars and the finite attention of fans. What tokens such as the SCOneX token afford is the opportunity for athletes, speculators, and investors to monetize their patronage of specific sports and athletes via appreciating assets while simultaneously providing ways for athletes, teams, and leagues to monetize additional engagement platforms with their fans. Athletes may share their content directly to fans and monetize the shares, clicks, and time spent on platform. Leagues may monetize the total set of platforms and engagement their players leverage to reach a larger and more concentrated market of fans. Furthermore, leagues may tokenize the entirety of their teams to provide fans a complete tradable and exchangeable marketplace for the utility of all tokenized entities within their ecosystem.

The powerful network of properly incentivized stakeholders optimized for maximum value of content creation enabled by tokenized financialization provides remarkable returns for creators (athletes), fans, and investors alike. Creators are optimized to create for maximum value for their communities. The communities are incentivized to support, endorse, and patron their high-valued creators within their community such that they have greater access to the tradable marketplace. At the local level communities retain the value of their creators while simultaneously offering their enriched tokens in the state, nation, and ultimately global market place.

The future of sports engagement depends upon decentralized protocols, in a peer-to-peer sharing economy whereby individuals retain, and exchange value via increased emphasis on quality content accessible to all. Crypto capital and tokenized assets afford creators the ability to create and consumers the ability to consume providing optimized returns on both sides of exchange. The SCOneX sports utility token facilitates the frictionless exchange for both sides of the market. Long crypto, long sports, and long the innovative Sportcash One solution of both exploding industries.



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