SCOneX Token Sale IEO on Probit 6 April

The SCOneX token is a revolutionary sports utility token which empowers athletes, brands, teams, and leagues to vertically integrate their engagement, loyalty and passion via gamified transactions on a secure, cheap, and fast international blockchain. SCOneX properly aligns stakeholders from the ownership suite to the playing field for maximum efficiency and value retention while simultaneously opening up sponsorship, fundraising, and monetization opportunities for brands and external parties. The future is decentralized and the SCOneX Token facilitates the sports industry’s transition.

The SCOneX Token Economy & Token Sale Revenue Allocation

SCOneX Token info

  • Listing price: 0.1 USD
  • Total Supply: 100 million SCOneX
  • Circulating supply on listing: 20 million
  • Market cap upon listing: 2 million USD
  • Fully-diluted market cap: 10 million USD

SCOneX TokenSale

20% of the total supply (100 million SCOneX tokens) will be distributed through a tokensale that will start at 06–04–2021 till 24–05–2021 on Probit exchange.


  • Start: 06–04–2021
  • End: 24–05–2021
  • Tokensale price: 0.1 USD
  • No individual cap
  • Hard cap: 2 million USD


  • First round IEO= 25%
  • Second round IEO = 20%
  • Third round IEO = 18%
  • Fourth round IEO = 15%

Steps to participate

  • Create an account on Probit exchange
  • Complete the KYC
  • Send some tokens to the exchange (BTC, ETH, Waves and XRP are accepted as payment)
  • Wait till the tokensale will start ( 6 april)

Why investing in SCOneX ?

  • Minimal Competition
  • Disruptive Technology within a legacy tech stack
  • First mover advantages of innovating and implementing prior to competitors
  • Powerful Network effects via integration of social networks with tokenization


Founded and operated by Top Athletes, Sports Business Executives, and cutting-edge Tech Developers, SPORTCASH ONE is the blockchain solution for the sporting industry. The revolutionary SconeX Token allows fans, supporters, and speculators greater access to sporting stars, clubs, and ownership than ever before. Our Sports DeFi capabilities, NFT marketplace, Custom Wallet and Decentralized Exchanged (DEX) leverage tremendous network effects, with truly innovative blockchain technology to align stakeholders and reduce existing friction within the sporting ecosystem. Our SPORTCASH ONE social network boasts Olympians, World Champions, and International Athletes across all sports, interacting, engaging, and sharing on our network. Blockchain and crypto technologies’ prioritization of transparency, accountability, and access guarantees maximum value for all participants and stakeholders. Monetize your engagement, profit from your support and love of the game, tokenize your team, while interacting with the exploding crypto and blockchain space and it’s ascension within the already massive sports industry.

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Sportcash One is a full-suite tech stach for blockchain and crypto within the sporting industry.