It’s Time! Sportcash One’s NFT Marketplace Arrives

3 min readApr 20, 2022


It’s time! Sportcash One’s NFT Marketplace has an official launch date of Wednesday, April 20th, 2022!

Our loyal fans, SCOneX token holders, speculators, investors, and customers have provided valuable feedback, direction, and input, and now we all enjoy the rewards!

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Sportcash One’s Marketplace leverages exclusively curated creators approved by Sportcash One’s Admin team to maximize sports and entertainment specific content for buyers and sellers. Be assured NFTs sold on Sportcash One’s Marketplace reflect the soul of the sports and entertainment industries. Our creators benefit from sharing their NFTs in a marketplace exclusive to the Sports and Entertainment Industries. As a result, the likelihood of conversion from NFTs “set-up for selling” to sold and “re-sold” dramatically increases. Simultaneously NFT holders and speculators flock to our Marketplace, because it’s concentrated and focused — maximizing their time and dollars.

Creators range from athletes, artists, photographers, magazine, graphic-designers, teams, clubs, federations, brands, and the entirety of the entertainment ecosystem. Built by creators for creators, and of creators, Sportcash One leverages the following key product features:

1) Customizable Revenue-Sharing on Royalties:
Flexibility, customization, and revenue allows all stakeholders to equitably account for the value generated per NFTs. For example, if an NFT video contains content from a team featuring an athlete and a sponsor the revenue may reflect the unique value of each stakeholder in an agreed upon percentage of the royalty and then executed via our smart contracts. Vitally, this feature allows creators, managers, and sponsors to collaborate at various levels of investment while simultaneously equitably monetizing their digital content. Win-Win-Win.

Sportcash One’s customizable, flexible, and variable revenue distribution encourages equitable collaboration.

2) Curators and Taste-Makers
White-listing creators via an exclusive selection process maximizes content
value for both the creators and buyers.

3) Stable Token (USDN)
Sportcash One leverages Wave’s USDN stable token to provide stability in NFT Markets for consistent payments, royalties, and transactions.

4) Waves Eco-Friendly Blockchain
Waves’ Leased-Proof-of-Stake provides consensus while optimizing environmental impact.

5) Cheap and Fixed Transaction fees under $1
Sportcash One provides cheap and fixed transaction fees allowing users to speculate, trade, and invest in NFTs without burning their bankroll on costly fees.

Fans jump at the opportunity to monetize their passions via gamified and entitlement heavy NFTs. Entitlements allow creators to build-in functional utility specifically for their community. NFTs in-effect become the monetization strategy for a creator’s existing community. Crucially, Sportcash One’s NFTs translate the community’s social capital into monetizable NFTs. The customization features of the entitlement ensure the creator maintains their unique value-prop with their community without sacrificing their brand quality. Gone are the days of creator’s selling out via cringe-worthy misaligned brand partnerships. Enter Sportcash One’s NFT entitlements and the ensured alignment of creator, community, and content.

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