Sportcash One takes the next step in our relationship with Waves. Sportcash One’s focus on being the premier blockchain and crypto native solution for sports and media in the Waves ecosystem makes today an exciting day, and a promising day for our token holders. Our continued relationship with Waves Association and our Team Member’s position within the Executive Board promise a strong future for the relationship between both communities.

In continuing with our white paper’s promises and the road map for our users, Sportcash One has initiated our SCOneX token burn.

It is imperative for Sportcash One to reward our initial token holders by burning 1,000,000 tokens each month for the next 12 months for a total of 12,000,000…

Sportcash One announces Launch of New Social Platform, Day 20 july !

Sportcash One’s Social Site provides a one-stop solution for Athletes, Clubs, Brands, Fans, Advertisers, and Sports Businesses to collectively share content, communicate, network, sell-products, and share ideas at the center of the sporting landscape.

Creating a profile provides…

Lets start the week with great news for SCOneX holders ⚡️
We have nearly 12.7% of the total sconex in circulation now
(around 12.7 Million).

The original plan was to reserve 10% of the total token supply for the team (around 10 Million).

The new plan is to reserve 10%…

SCOneX Token

Introducing the Sportcash One DEX or Decentralized Exchange. The first of its kind DEX specific to the sporting industry. Bring your sporting knowledge, expertise, and passion to profit from your unique market insights.

The financialization and commodification of everything wave has crashed into the sporting industry. Sportcash One now offers…


Sportcash One is a full-suite tech stach for blockchain and crypto within the sporting industry.

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